Presented in Descending Chronological Order

Submission to the Senate Regarding Bill C-2
A submission regarding the Act to amend the Criminal Code and to Make Consequential Amendments to Other Acts, Part 2 – Increasing the Age of Consent (Clauses 13-14; 54; 58; 62)(38)
(February 2008)

Letter to the Attorney General Recommending Changes to Canadian Criminal Code Sex Laws
(September 16, 2004)

Federal Consultation on Same-Sex Marriage
The State Has No Business in the Marriage of the Nation

Letter to the Premier Supporting Bill 220: An Act to amend the Police Services Act
(December 17, 2002)

Letter to the Hamilton Spectator on MP John Bryden’s Reasons for Opposing Equal Marriage Law
(September 22, 2002)

Letter to Justice Minister on Anti-Terrorism Bill C-36

Letter to Attorney General of Ontario on Bill 86: An Act to Rescue Children…
(September 21, 2001)

Letter to Ontario Human Rights Commission Age Consultation
(January 23, 2001)

Call for a Federal Omnibus Legislation: A Canada-Wide Action
(Summer 2000)

Bill 5: The ‘Same-Sex Partner’ Act

Laws Changed and Unchanged by Bill 5

CLGRO’s Call to Action Regarding Bill 5
(October 1999)

Letter Template for Premier Mike Harris Regarding Bill 5
(“Nothing Less than Equality”)

Copy of London Free Press Article Regarding Bill 5
(Wednesday, October 20, 1999)

CLGRO Statement on Ontario’s Same-Sex Partner Law
(October 26, 1999)

Media Statement on the Adoption of Bill 5

(October 27, 1999)

Invitation to CLGRO’s Forum on Bill 5
(Saturday, November 20, 1999)