Info Sheets

CLGRO Info Sheets

Systems Failure: Report on the Experiences of Sexual Minorities in Ontario’s Health-Care and Social-Services Systems
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A report documenting the systemic barriers and individual prejudice experienced by lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered people when they seek to access Ontario’s health-care and social services.

(Note: Project Affirmation was a 4 year Health Canada funded – CLGRO sponsored project which looked at the health care and social service needs of sexual minorities in Ontario. It ended in 1997.)

Access Denied: A Report on the Experiences of Transsexuals and Transgenderists With Health Care and Social Services in Ontario
Commissioned by Project Affirmation. Written by Ki Namaste.

Le réalité des gais, lesbiennes et bisexuel-les de l’Ontario
Rapport commandé par le Projet Affirmation. Écrit par Lyne Bouchard, Co-opérative Convergence.

The Spousal Collection, Part One
News clippings on spousal rights, Oct. 1989 – Dec. 1999

The Spousal Collection, Part Two
News clippings on spousal rights, Jan. 2000 – Dec. 2004

The Spousal Collection, Part Three
News clippings on spousal rights, Jan. 2005 – Feb. 2006

Adoption and Parenting Collection
Selected news clippings on adoption and parenting issues for lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals, from Canada and globally.

On Guard: A Critique Of Project Guardian
Project Guardian was led by the London police chief, who at the time was Julian Fantino. It supposedly was designed to catch a “pedophile ring”, however it focussed on gay men. Many charges were laid against them, few of which held up. Written by HALO (Homophile Association of London Ontario) and CLGRO, September 1996.

Happy Families: The Recognition of Same-Sex Spousal Relationships
CLGRO political brief for the Ontario legislature, 1992.

Relationships Recognition
Addresses the issues of legal recognition of gay and lesbian relationships.

Are we spouses yet?
Describes Ontario’s Bill 5 (October 1999) An Act to Amend Certain Statutes as a Result of Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision in M v H and what difference the act has made to same-sex relationship recognition in Ontario.

We Count! Including Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexuals in Employment Equity
Describes employment equity issues, laws, and policy for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals.

When “Project Kiddy Porn Ring” Comes to Your Area
A guide that will help lesbian, gay, and bisexual groups cope with attacks on youth and men in their communities, conducted under the guise of enforcing child pornography laws.

Washroom and Park Arrests
A guide that will help lesbian, gay, and bisexual groups cope with washroom and park arrests in their communities.

Religion: Christianity
A document that contains the complete teachings of Jesus Christ on homosexuality.

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual LIBERATION in the 2000’s
A discussion of the goal of liberation in relation to assimilation, identity, rights and equality.