Submission to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Charities Directorate

March 25, 2003

Trish Gorie
Charities Directorate
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Tower A
320 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0L5

Re: Consultation on Proposed Policy: Registered Charities – Political Activities; Registering Charities that Focus on Eliminating Racial Discrimination.

Dear Ms. Gorie:

Enclosed are commentary we are providing on the CCRA’s proposed Registered Charities – Political Activities and Registering Charities that Focus on Eliminating Racial Discrimination policies.

Our feedback is directly in response to sections of each of the documents and is numerically referenced to the documents’ subheadings and page numbers.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this commentary. We look forward to the CCRA’s feedback.

Nick J. Mule
CLGRO spokesperson

Enclosed: CCRA Submission

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