CLGRO’s Call to Action Regarding Bill 5

Note: This “Call To Action” finished in a victory on October 27, 1999, with the passing of Bill 5 by the Ontario government.

Nothing Less Than Equality!
October, 1999 – An Ontario-wide Action

The Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario (CLGRO) calls upon the Harris Government to immediately amend allprovincial laws containing the word “spouse” or similar terms to comply with the Supreme Court of Canada’s May 1999 decision in the case of M v. H.

The decision was temporarily suspended for six months so that the government could remedy the situation. This period runs out on November 20, 1999. The Attorney General has been quoted in the press as saying that the legislation will be introduced within that deadline.

In a meeting with the Attorney General on October 18, 1999, CLGRO urged the government to amend all Ontario laws containing the term “spouse”. CLGRO has been lobbying governments of all three political parties since the late 1980s to remove discrimination against same-sex relationships in provincial laws.

The people of Ontario do not want any more of their taxes wasted in costly court challenges of the definition of “spouse” now that the highest court in the land has clearly ruled it to be discriminatory.

Given that there is likely to be strong opposition to such legislation, it is critical that you call, e-mail or write Mike Harristoday to tell him to amend all the laws to include same-sex relationships.

Postcard and Letter Campaign

CLGRO has also mounted a Nothing Less Than Equality postcard campaign. Postcards have already been mailed to member groups and individual members and should arrive early in the week of October 18th. They have also been distributed to many Gay/Lesbian groups, community services and supportive businesses throughout Ontario. If you cannot find them within your community, or if you would like to distribute some for us, please contact CLGRO at (416) 405-8253, or e-mail us at

If it is not convenient for you to get/send a postcard, here is a letter to Premier Harris you can print out, or paste into an e-mail, and send.

Mail the Premier at:

Honourable Michael D. Harris
Office of the Premier
Room 281
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto, ON M7A 1A1

E-mail him at:,

Or phone the Premier at (416) 325-1941, using the above letter text as a guide.

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